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Beyond The Stethoscope

Jun 20, 2019

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Mastering the art of living makes little distinction between her work and her play… One hardly knows which is which. She simply pursues her vision of excellence in whatever she does, leaving others to decide whether she is working or playing. To her, she is always...

Jun 10, 2019

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Happiness is Joy and Contentment.”

“When you recognize your Inner Critic is just your habitual conditioned old computer programming mind, you don’t have to take guidance from it anymore.” 

“The Secret to Life is learning how to manage the thoughts of your Inner Critic.  If...

Jun 4, 2019

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Don’t let anyone else’s story demotivate you.  Figure out where you are at and where you want to go, then learn along the way.”

“Balance between saving for future goals and living life today.”

“Financial Independence isn’t about the money, it’s about life fulfillment,...