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Beyond The Stethoscope

Dec 15, 2020

Favorite quotes of the episode: 

“Good leaders want their people to tell them the hard truths.”

“Leaders communicate frequently and honestly with their employees.”

“It’s not about strategic planning, it’s just strategic to plan.”

“A hallmark of great leadership is a healthy ego with a dose of humility. A healthy ego is one that has the confidence to go forward and make decisions, but with a dose of humility, be willing to listen, take feedback, admit and be willing to right things when you're wrong.”

Episode Overview

In this episode, I talk with Kathy Bowman Atkins. Kathy helps CEOs and business leaders set the course for their businesses.

Kathy spent the first couple of decades of her career in Fortune 500 companies, where she was known for her strong interpersonal skills and ability to build consensus among groups to handle complex business challenges. She has created and led teams that excelled in strategic thinking, business planning, communications, culture change, transition management, and personal leadership.

Her no-nonsense approach, combined with her unique talent for asking tough questions, get to the heart of the matter quickly. Business leaders hire her and her team when they are ready for true change.

She doesn’t provide the cookie-cutter, feel good, run of the mill strategic advice. She warns her clients upfront; be ready to do some hard work and soul searching. She has perfected the processes for change, and she does something most consultants don’t—follow up and follow

through. Her clients will tell you their businesses thrived as a result of working with her. They got clarity—and also the tools they needed to see where their businesses could go.


  • Where to start first with strategic planning from an authentic leadership perspective.
  • The hallmarks of great leadership.
  • How to be an authentic leader and fit into the corporate framework.
  • What to do when you think your company is doing great and you don’t need any planning?
  • Advice to companies who are looking for someone to help. What should they look for?
  • The top 3 questions to ask yourself about your business.

5 Questions Segment

Q1. We know that the most successful and happy people have a morning routine, what do you do each morning or evening that sets your day up for success? I look at my one-page plan, at my calendar, and prepare for the day.

Q2. What's your definition of Success? Fulfilling your purpose and accomplishing what’s important to you.

Q3. What's your definition of Happiness? Peace of mind is when everything is aligned with my integrity, values and ethics. 

Q4. What do you know now that you wish you would have known 10 years ago? Very few decisions are a matter of life and death. Most of the time there is more than one right answer and there are few mistakes that are irreparable.

Q5. What do you think is the biggest issue facing busy professionals today? I think it’s two issues.  Not taking the time to figure out what’s important and not taking the time for what’s important.


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