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Beyond The Stethoscope

Jan 26, 2021

Favorite quotes of the episode: 

“Embrace the bumps, the bruises, and being authentic. What I’ve learned in my career is that people respond to authentic leaders. Having humility, being able to admit when you are wrong when you make mistakes when you don’t know something when you need help, is incredibly powerful.”

“There’s a gap in resources for the up-and-coming leader.”

“What could be possible for your business if you really knew how to lead?”

“The fastest accelerator to outcomes is through people.” 

“You have to be willing to understand what’s working and what’s not working and understand the bad stuff too so you can do something about it.”

“Failure happens when you prioritize performance over people.”

Episode Overview

In this episode, I talk with Michelle Reines. Michelle is a speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., and creator of the unconventional Badass Leader brand.


  • Michelle’s Career Path
  • Authentic Leadership – Coming back from failure
  • Who is Badass Leadership for?
  • The main street leader vs. the wall street leader
  • Managing to Risk vs. Authentic Leadership
  • 12 Leadership Lessons: Don’t Be an Ass and 11 more!
  • How to be a badass leader when you aren’t the boss


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