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Beyond The Stethoscope

Jan 14, 2019

Dr. Jill Lopez is here with me today to discuss unique career paths, career transition, and work-life balance.

Dr. Jill Lopez is the Director of Marketing for Essentials PetCare.  She is an award-winning veterinary marketing professional that has worked with Fortune 500 companies, not for profit humane organizations, and global pet product manufacturers. She is a West Virginia native that now calls New Jersey her home. She is most passionate about educating pet owners about how to keep their pets healthy.

I can’t wait to hear a little about how you manage all of these dynamics as a busy professional!


1:30 Unique career path: “It was completely opposite of the plans I made”

3:50 Career transitions

8:00 “Say yes to opportunities”

8:52 “Have a side hustle”

9:45 Free Resource: Go to Library events to network and learn new skills (The Benefits of Skill Stacking) 

11:30 Work-Life Integration

11:54 “Work-Life Harmony is critical, work for a company that has a mission you respect.”


14:45 5 Questions Segment

Q1: What’s your morning routine?  Meditate for 10 minutes first thing in the morning

16:45 Q2: What’s your definition of success? “It’s not having the newest car or most expensive house.  Success is beyond money, it’s a peace of mind where you can go right to sleep at night with no worries, just inner peace.”

Q3: What’s your definition of happiness? “Feeling when I’m enjoying time with my family.”

18:30 Q4: What do you know now that you wish you would have known 10 years ago?

“Don’t change a thing. You are going to experience failure and disappointment but it’s what makes you who you are today.”

19:37 Q5: What do you think is the biggest challenge that busy professionals face in their daily lives?  Time Management to accomplish everything. I make lists.

21:25 Dr. Lopez relates to the movie, The Godfather!



Pet Vet Magazine

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Essentials PetCare:


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