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Beyond The Stethoscope

Sep 2, 2019

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Don’t be afraid of your finances, be curious about them and use it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself.”

“Don’t forget to budget for fun, you need to invest in yourself too.  If you take the fun away, what are you working for?”

Episode Overview

I kicked off 2019 with a promise to discuss big issues, big ideas and provide real-world actionable solutions that we can all implement in our daily lives as busy professionals.

In this episode, I talk with Grace Kim of The Richer Life and get her take on personal finance.

These podcasts are meant to start a meaningful conversation so if you would like to see additional guests share another viewpoint around any of these topics please send an email to with your comments and suggestions for future podcast guests and topics. 

I absolutely cannot wait to hear from you and look forward to your insights and thoughtful comments.  I will cite all articles referenced in this podcast in our show notes so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to scramble to find a pen and paper. 

So with that, let’s jump right in. 


Grace’s journey with personal finance and motivation to start Richer Life, DVM.

Money Talk—The Basics (Make, Spend, Own, Owe and Save)

Busy professionals and personal finance   

Student debt -- How to tackle and available resources.

Societal expectations, stories we hear.

5 Questions Segment

Q1. We know that the most successful and happy people have a morning routine, what do you do each morning or evening that sets your day up for success?

My husband and I take turns with the early morning exercise routine and being home with the kids. I’m a runner so I like to run first thing in the morning, or I work on my blog post. I like to do something productive before the kids get up.

Q2. What's your definition of Success?

Success is yes, when you achieve those goals, but you need to make sure you are achieving your goals and not those of others.

Q3. What's your definition of Happiness?

A feeling of contentment, of being content with what you have.

Q4. What do you know now that you wish you would have known 10 years ago? More about investing!

Q5. What do you think is the biggest issue facing busy professionals today?

This feeling of overwhelm.  How do I manage all of the demands of day to day life in a way that I give myself time to rest? Learning how to set boundaries for ourselves!


Richer Life DVM-Money Talk FB Group

VIN Foundation


Books: The Simple Path to Wealth by J.L. Collins

A little book of common sense investing by John Bogle

The Latte Factor by David Bach


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