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Beyond The Stethoscope

Sep 9, 2019

Favorite quotes of the episode: “Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint.”

“Rather than being so focused on making the right choices, understanding that we have the ability to make our choices the right choices.”

“Starting a business isn’t easy, but it can be really gratifying.”

“Happiness to me is contentment and gratitude.”

On the topic of leveling out the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship: “It’s important to have an outlet other than work and knowing what it is for you that levels you out and being aware of what you need at that moment to bring it back to neutral is so important.”

Episode Overview

I kicked off 2019 with a promise to discuss big issues, big ideas and provide real-world actionable solutions that we can all implement in our daily lives as busy professionals.

With this episode, I’m kicking off a series of podcasts centered around entrepreneurship and how these amazing women, are living the life of their dreams, now.

In this episode, I talk with Jennifer Keiser Neundorfer, co-founder of Jane VC, a venture capital firm focused on empowering female entrepreneurs.  She is motivated by the tremendous untapped potential of female founders, believes greater transparency, accessibility, and accountability will drive better returns and is creating a new norm where women are active investors at all stages of the capital stack.

These podcasts are meant to start a meaningful conversation so if you would like to see additional guests share another viewpoint around any of these topics please send an email to with your comments and suggestions for future podcast guests and topics.  I absolutely cannot wait to hear from you and look forward to your insights and thoughtful comments. 

So with that, let’s jump right in. 


What is Jane VC?

Jen’s experience and decision to found Jane VC

Any advice, Tips or Lessons learned for working moms

What’s your best advice for leveling out the emotional roller coaster when starting up (entrepreneurs, business owners, medical/veterinary practice owners) i.e. resiliency

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve seen new entrepreneurs make?

In your experience, what’s the number one thing that businesses who have become successful have in common?

Any advice around successfully building a high performing team that you’d like to share?

5 Questions Segment

Q1. We know that the most successful and happy people have a morning routine, what do you do each morning or evening that sets your day up for success?

My kids are early risers so I have quite the evening routine. The most important part is to look at what I have to do the next day and create a list the next day that has to be done. I keep my notebook right by my bed to get all of the ideas out of my head and onto paper keeps me organized and allows me to sleep better.

Q2. What's your definition of Success?  Having an impact on women I see in the world. The entrepreneurs, investors, and customers who are using the products of our portfolio companies.

Q3. What's your definition of Happiness? It’s really about contentment, being happy about my choices and no regrets. It’s this idea of contentment and gratitude.

Q4. What do you know now that you wish you would have known 10 years ago? There’s no one right path and to get comfortable with discomfort and risk-taking.

Q5. What do you think is the biggest issue facing busy professionals today? Time and Mindshare in an era where we can always be on.





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