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Beyond The Stethoscope

Mar 28, 2018

Christine Furtado is a Professional Accountant and Finance Coach. She is also the CEO & Founder of Christine Furtado Enterprises Inc, where we offer "in-the-cloud" and "Boutique type" Bookkeeping, Accounting and CFO Services to modern-thinking Six-Figure & 7-Figure Business Owners & Entrepreneurs. Unlike other bookkeeping and accounting companies who just give you your information what's happening, we help business owners to actually understand and know their numbers, by offering a plan of action for increased cash flow and profitability.

She is also the host of the “Financials Made Easy Podcast” which is available on iTunes. She is passionate about helping Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to understand and know their Financials so they can have peace-of-mind, and focus on their “zone-of-genius”. Christine does this through her financial services, financial education, and her podcast.

She is well-known for helping entrepreneurs to “Double Your Profits In 30 days or Less”. To find out how you can do this, feel free to reach out.


4:23 You can have $1 Million Net Worth! 

Net worth = Assets – Liabilities


4:38 Step 1: Be 100% Committed. What does that look like? “Be prepared to get rid of credit cards, live on cash as much as possible, get a coach and surround yourself with supportive people.”


7:20 Step 2: List your debts out on paper or spreadsheet. “It’s really necessary because you want to know when are they due, how much, what are the terms?  You need to know where you are today.”


8:23 Step 3: “Go to your bank and see what you can consolidate. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” 


10:13 Step 4: “Take the smallest debts and pay off as quick as possible to boost confidence and create a positive habit.” 


11:13 How to create a snowball effect with paying off of your debt. Put the same amount each month towards all of your debts, once one debt is paid off, put that same total amount towards the next the debt. (ex. $1000/month) 


12:53 “This is about creating habits and feeling good about the progress. It’s not a feel bad thing, it’s a feel-good thing because you are actually visually crossing off the debts as they are paid.” 


14:38 Christine talks about Educational Debt.


15:43 What are some of the other money habits that we can work towards?

             Habit 1: Have no more than 1 credit card and pay it off every month.

            Habit 2: Live on Cash as much as possible.

            Habit 3: Consider ways to generate more income.

            Habit 4: Minimize going out to eat.

            Habit 5: Prioritize what is and what is not important and budget for it.

            Habit 6: Find ways to save money on necessary costs.


19:13 Brand new vehicles are costly when you go to sell it, it won’t be worth much and we buy another vehicle.  They can be large payments.

19:43 “These are some of the hard-core habits that if you actually do it, you can be super successful and actually pay off that debt.”

20:45  “I say print it out because visually your mind needs to see the progress. It will be a journey, you just have to be 100% committed to getting there.”

21:18  Christine shares her money journey and how she saved $30,000 in 3 years to save towards a house!


21:51  These are the principles that Christine used and it worked! She paid for a house in 12 years versus 25 years.


22:03 These are the same principles that Christine uses with her business owners. “To be profitable, to be successful to have that cash flow, making sure you are paying for yourself and cutting the expenses.”


22:23 “And eventually, you have financial freedom, and that’s what’s important, right? Spending time with your family, having that freedom and creating that legacy.”


23:23 Business owners can book a free strategy call with Christine at Enter your information into the “Let’s Chat” pop up.


25:08 Complimentary gift!  7 Secrets to Mastering Your Financials like a successful 7-Figure Business Click Here 


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