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Beyond The Stethoscope

Mar 22, 2018

Stacy Pederson is a professional actress and funny motivational speaker who has almost died a bunch. Stacy Pederson’s outlook on life began with a diagnosis of a terminal illness with her first husband. Stacy began a difficult journey fraught with failure—including a failed marriage, single parenting, job loss, broken dreams, and financial ruin.

Then in July of 2011, Stacy stepped on a rusty nail. The simple misstep caused several bouts in the hospital, near death experiences, and surgery with lifelong repercussions. Stacy now has a deep understanding of the universal need we all have for hope, love, joy, and laughter.

Stacy recently chose to pursue a less stressful life by entering a second marriage with a blended family of five teenagers. She is currently the author of three New York Times Bestsellers she has written in her head but has yet to put down on paper. She was named 2017’s “top ten new and upcoming speakers” by her Mother. (She was ranked #9).

In Stacy’s downtime, she enjoys spicy foods, traveling, crying herself to sleep and being periodically left alone by her husband and children.


2:22 Stacy shares about her difficult journey and how she overcame her challenges.


4:52 “I can now say [my challenges] has been a gift. Living a good life, a life of purpose, a life where you embrace who you are and don’t take anything for granted.”


5:52 Uniquity! What is Uniquity?


7:19 “I recognize that life is short and the struggles that we all face, part of getting through that is knowing who you are, what you are good at and having a sense of purpose. Then you are able to have a healthy mindset and I believe that the more time you spend in your true gifting, the happier you will be.”


8:30 Why Uniquity is Important.  “Imagine a world where everyone is focused on their own unique gifting.”


10:13 Where do we start to figure out what our uniquity is?


11:00 Stacy interviews Angela to share some of the questions and examples about how to find your uniquity and what makes you unique. 


Walk through the process to find your uniquity at Stacy’s Blog here:


18:30 Stacy interprets Angela’s answers and shows our listeners how to evaluate their own answers to “incorporate and embrace your own uniquity to decrease stress and negativity in your own life.”


20:05 Link to blog post:


Information about Stacy:


You can contact Stacy directly regarding Speaking Opportunities or for her Public Speaking courses (designed for people who want to become better speakers) by e-mailing her at:


Follow Stacy on Facebook. Her Facebook page is only funny and positive posts designed for people to share and spread joy to others. You can follow her there at:


21:40 5 Questions Segment


22:00 Morning Routine “This is where I embrace my own uniquity and I am not a morning person.”


23:40 Stacy shares her evening routine.


24:50 “I love the idea of making a work week into a lifestyle. I may work 7 days a week but I may only work 3 hours at a time because of kid’s schedule.”


25:58 What’s your definitions of Success?  “I want to leave the world better than the way I found it in some way shape or form.”


26:43 Happiness: “When everything is ok and there is a moment of peace – that’s my definition of Happiness.”


27:20 What do you know now that you wish you would have known 10 years ago?


“I thought that if this happened then I would be happy or my life would be easier.  It’s simply not true.  I would want to know that I shouldn’t waste my time waiting.” And “Learn to embrace pain and use it as a tool to get a better view of the world and learn from it.”


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