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Beyond The Stethoscope

Dec 7, 2020

Favorite quotes of the episode: 

“Be content with being imperfect

“Having the courage to lean in and try, there’s some comfort with what you know.  Stopping what you know and trying something new can be very scary and worrisome, but we don’t have to do it all at once, we can implement solutions.”

“Happiness to me is living in alignment with my values.”

Episode Overview

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Kimberley Khodakhah. She is a veterinarian, with 25 years of experience in small animal medicine & surgery. A natural leader, she has performed several management roles including Medical and Hospital Director. Dr. Khodakhah also works as a veterinary locum in the states of New York and Massachusetts.

An avid learner Dr. K qualified as a Certified Professional Coach to work with members of the veterinary community to combat mental health issues and promote creating an ideal career, through mentoring and coaching programs.

She produces a bimonthly podcast, Time to PAWS, that supports the veterinary community by sharing experiences in the profession, encouraging others to take advantage of opportunities, lean into fear, and emulate strategies for resilience to create the career they envisioned.

Dr. K’s entrepreneurial spirit combines her veterinary experience with a deep desire to help animals. She directs and finances an international veterinary spay/neuter program in Fiji, and works with the Wolf Conservation Center, which participates in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) for two critically endangered wolf species, the Mexican gray and the red wolf.

Dr. K volunteers as an Advisory Board Member for SPCA Fiji Islands, Anubis Bio, PAWSperous Pathways, and The Networks. She enjoys spending time with her two children, husband, and fur babies. Her hobbies include traveling, good food, and scuba diving.


  • Entrepreneurship, side hustles, and Kimberley’s unique career path.
  • The pressure of “should” vs. living in alignment with our values.
  • Embracing Imperfection
  • Finding your next right step

5 Questions Segment

Q1. We know that the most successful and happy people have a morning routine, what do you do each morning or evening that sets your day up for success? I have a daily routine of a daily walk and try to do some problem solving, make a call, or listen to podcasts during that time.  At the end of my day, I reflect on what went well and show some gratitude for the day.

Q2. What's your definition of Success? I’m goal-oriented and action-driven. So for me, it’s being productive and accomplished no matter how big or small.

Q3. What's your definition of Happiness? Living in alignment with my values.

Q4. What do you know now that you wish you would have known 10 years ago? Keep learning.  Continuously learn and continuously move forward. Follow your interests and dreams a step at a time. I really believe that there are no mistakes and no failures. We need to be content with being imperfect.

Q5. What do you think is the biggest issue facing busy professionals today? Time management and priority setting. There’s sometimes a lot of juggling of life that goes on and learning to set boundaries.


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