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Beyond The Stethoscope

Apr 22, 2019

Life Science Effect Podcast Swap: Show Notes

You might remember about a month ago, in episode 14, I interviewed Steve Vinson from the Life Science Effect Podcast on tech trends in the life sciences and biopharma.

We thought it would be fun to interview each other on our own podcasts so rather than be the host, I would be the guest on Beyond the Stethoscope. 

Also, I get a lot of questions and feedback from you that you want to learn more about me, my career and how I navigated my career transitions and what I’m doing now. 

Since we were already guests on each other’s podcast, it seemed easier or more prudent to simply use the pre-recorded audio and share that information with our audiences.  I hope you enjoy this episode swap between The Life Science Effect and Beyond the Stethoscope Podcasts.

Steve interviews Angela about her new role with Pinpoint Pharma, a 21st Century Compounding Pharmacy for Pets, her career and navigating career transitions.  Learn more at

Steve asked about some of Angela’s Favorite Books or Online Resources:

The World Economic Forum:

Atomic Habits:

We have our first winner of the book drawing for leaving a podcast review! Congratulations to B.E.Lynn who posted, "Great topics! Well Done!"  This review was posted last year, but she sent me an email and I've agreed to send her a copy of Kelly Roach's new book, "Bigger Than You: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building An Unstoppable Team." Thanks so much for leaving a review! 

Don't forget to check out my interview with Kelly Roach in Episode 7. 

Angela's favorite books will be raffled off to those who leave a review!

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